CloudLink SecureVM

Cloud computing offers undeniable benefits of deployment flexibility & agility, scaling and cost-effective resource utilization. However, the strengths and benefits of cloud computing must be balanced against the loss of control and visibility available in cloud deployments.

CloudLink SecureVM provides organizations with the security controls necessary to run virtualized machines in the cloud with confidence. securevm_july14

SecureVM enables encryption of the entire virtualized server or desktop running in the cloud independent of the cloud service provider. Protection of the entire virtualized machine, whether it be a server or desktop, enables organizations to define the security policy that must be adhered to for a virtual machine to start including the ability to verify the integrity of the virtual machine offering protection against malicious tampering. SecureVM ensures that only trusted and verified VMs have the ability to run and access sensitive data residing in the cloud.
SecureVM works in combination with native OS encryption such as Microsoft BitLocker technology, a proven and high-performance volume encryption solution widely implemented for physical machines. SecureVM extends BitLocker functionality as BitLocker native authentication mechanisms are not supported in cloud environments. SecureVM’s proven encryption key policy management functionality allows BitLocker to be used for automated encryption of boot volumes in the cloud while enabling enterprise administrators to control security policy and encryption keys.SecureVM also supports Linux native encryption, providing organizations with a single encryption management solution for multiple clouds and VM operating systems.
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