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Securing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines leveraging BitLocker and Native OS encryption

Microsoft Azure customers in highly regulated industries, such as Microsoft_Azure_SecureVMhealthcare and financial sectors, often require a data-at-rest encryption solution to meet internal and external compliance requirements and as a security best practice for public cloud deployments. One of the critical requirements is the ability for customers to manage encryption keys and policies independent of the cloud provider.

CloudLink SecureVM provides Microsoft Azure customers with the capability to encrypt their virtual machine data on a multi-tenant shared infrastructure and full control of the encryption keys for their data on the Azure storage infrastructure.

SecureVM for Microsoft Azure supports the following key features:

  • Enables Windows BitLocker and Linux native OS encryption for both Windows and Linux VMs in Microsoft Azure
  • Encrypts boot volume and/or data volume
  • Pre-boot authentication for Azure VMs before releasing keys to decrypt boot volumes
  • Protects the integrity of Azure VMs against unauthorized modification
  • Integrates existing enterprise key management and provides full control of key management policies
  • Supports hybrid cloud deployments

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Easy to Deploy and Use

SecureVM is very easy to deploy and use. All you need is:

  • A Microsoft Azure account
  • Download CloudLink Center – a hybrid cloud encryption management virtual appliance that can be deployed in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX.
  • Install CloudLink SecureVM client, which is contained inside CloudLink Center, on to virtual machines in Azure
  • Select one of the key store options: local inside CloudLink Center, Microsoft Active Directory or RSA Data Protection Manager (DPM)

For more Information, view the CloudLink Data Security for Microsoft Azure solution brief or contact our sales team to get started today.