Service Providers

Expand your Service Offering with EaaS –
Offer Managed Data Security with BYOE for Public Clouds 

SP-new_icon The CloudLink data encryption platform enables Service Providers to develop new revenue streams and differentiate from competitors by addressing one of the top customer concerns with public cloud.
With CloudLink SecureVSA, Service Providers have the opportunity to provide encryption as a Service (EaaS) as a value added service that helps drive cloud adoption by providing customers control over their data security in multi-tenant, shared environments.
For service providers focussed on enabling premium managed data security for their clients, CloudLink SecureVM is a virtual machine encryption solution enabling a Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) solution to secure workloads running in public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or VMware vCloud Air.
CloudLink data security compliments existing cloud services such as IaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Backup as a Service, Storage as a Service and application hosting. It provides encryption of data at rest and in flight for these cloud services while enabling data owners to maintain control of encryption keys and security policy to meet compliance requirements and data privacy needs.


CloudLink is easy to provision on per tenant or per application basis and provides the perfect solution to segregate and secure customer data in multi-tenant environments.

Service Providers will see revenue, operating margins and overall cloud adoption increase as CloudLink is used to power new cloud data security offerings.

Whether you are an EMC Service Provider Business looking to leverage EMC Encryption as a Service (powered by CloudLink) Partner or want to work directly with us, CloudLink will work closely to ensure our partners are fully trained and knowledgeable – ready to support the technology and help drive incremental business.


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