CloudLink SecureVSA

Data-at-rest encryption for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments is a critical first line of defense for controlling access to sensitive and confidential data. However, traditional approaches to data-at-rest encryption face significant challenges from a scalability and automation perspective when implemented in virtual and cloud environments.


CloudLink SecureVSA provides an agentless data-at-rest encryption solution designed and optimized for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V VMware, Amazon Web Services, and Azure virtual and cloud environments.



SecureVSA can be deployed as an encrypted datastore for VMware and Hyper-V environments such that virtual machines associated with the encrypted datastore are encrypted transparent to the VM or hypervisor.
Alternatively, SecureVSA can be deployed as a secure software NAS in both virtual and cloud environments. In SecureVSA secure NAS mode, virtualized servers and desktops attach or map to the secure NAS and all data written is transparently AES-256 bit encrypted.

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