CloudLink SecureFILE

In order to address regulatory compliance, or simply to ensure that sensitive business data remain protected, organizations are faced with having to secure sensitive data on file shares hosted in environments over which they no longer have complete control.
Regardless of whether located on simple file servers or on scaled-out NAS devices in datacenters, private or public clouds,securefile_july14
these sensitive data need to remain accessible by those with a legitimate need to see them, but secured from access by others; for example, other tenants and cloud administrators.

CloudLink SecureFILE encrypts sensitive files and provides application-aware, fine-grained control over what data is to be secured. Its simple, yet powerful policy empowers administrators to specify the circumstances under which data need to be encrypted while remaining transparent to end-users allowed to access the data. You can specify that files are encrypted everywhere, or only if written to specified folders, network shares, or both. In addition, you can mandate that data copied to the clipboard is encrypted and only accessible when policy is met.
SecureFILE is designed specifically for scale-out NAS storage located either in the private datacenter or public clouds helping you leverage these platforms by applying encryption at an individual file level thereby maintaining the granularity required for advance file management features while not interfering with advanced scale-out NAS capabilities.

For more Information, view the CloudLink SecureFILE product brief or contact our team to get started today.