CloudLink SecureAPP

New ways for sensitive data to leave an organization unauthorized emerge every day.  Organizations face the growing menace of increasingly sophisticated breaches, insider threats and cyber-surveillance which place their intellectual property, customer data, brands, and ultimately, financial stability at risk.

To address these concerns and provide true security for hosted virtual desktops and application stacks in multi-tenant environments, a simple yet powerful new strategy must be embraced


encrypt all data at the application level (including all application I/O) and tightly control which users, applications and virtual machines can access them.
CloudLink® SecureAPP introduces application lockdown for Microsoft® Windows® applications to protect sensitive data even against insider threats. All data is encrypted persistently as it leaves the applications via the file system, network and clipboard and can only be decrypted under trusted circumstances as defined by CloudLink SecureAPP’s granular policy.  No changes are required to the locked-down applications and, best of all, data encryption is completely transparent to end-users.