VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

Secure Your Hybrid Cloud with Unmatched Ease and Control

Moving business applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or ERP suites to the cloud can introduce business risk of having to re-architect solutions, learning new tools, and managing workloads across a hybrid cloud. Added to the mix, data privacy, compliance (HIPAA, PCI and so on) and data remanence concerns are introduced as workloads are deployed on a shared, multi-tenant infrastructure.
CloudLink SecureVSA data encryption for VMware Hybrid Cloud Service enables organizations to migrate their workloads to the cloud with ease and be confident that their sensitive data will be secure. SecureVSA is easy to deploy, easy to manage and gives customer total control over their security in the cloud.

SecureVSA provides a single encryption management platform to secure your workloads wherever they are deployed within your VMware powered private datacenter and vCloud Hybrid Service without affecting existing networks or storage infrastructures.
With integration of virtualization and cloud management platforms such as vCAC™ and vCenter™, enterprise customers are able to deploy CloudLink instances automatically over the VMware vSphere environment. SecureVSA instances can also be deployed into vCloud Hybrid Service via its front end portal or vCloud Connector.
CloudLink SecureVSA enables you to embrace the cloud with confidence. To learn more about how CloudLink and vCloud Hybrid Service provides unmatched ease of deployment and management of data encryption for your hybrid cloud: