Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – September 30, 2014 – CloudLink® Technologies, a leader in cloud security and data encryption management announced a collaboration with EMC to integrate CloudLink SecureVSA data security with EMC RecoverPoint® for Virtual Machines, enabling customers to more confidently leverage the cloud for their disaster recovery needs.

The combined offering enables a secure Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering that significantly reduces cost and deployment complexity compared with traditional DR solutions for both Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines protects VMs with local and remote replication, allowing for any Point in Time recovery. Combining the solution with CloudLink helps ensure that the Data At Rest (D@RE) and the data traversing the network (Data In Motion) to the remote location are encrypted and inaccessible to malicious users.


“DR in the cloud offers an attractive value proposition for customers because of the savings on infrastructure costs and management complexity but data security remains the concern,” explains Alex Berlin, CEO of CloudLink. “By offering a DR solution with integrated data security controls, enterprises can deliver IT as-a-service for DR and protect their data at their remote offices, while mitigating their security concerns. CSP’s have the opportunity to offer a premium service that will drive revenue growth and differentiation in a highly competitive cloud market.”

Yossi Saad, Sr. Director of Product Management, EMC Data Protection and Availability Division says, “EMC RecoverPoint is a market proven data replication solution that thousands of customers trust to protect their mission critical data. RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines coupled with CloudLink data security provides customers with a secure DR in the cloud solution that is designed to help reduce cost and deployment complexity.”

The EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and CloudLink integrated solution is designed to help private and hybrid-cloud providers to protect and secure mission critical workloads by encrypting the data in motion and at rest, as it is replicated from one site to another, while placing the encryption key in the hands of the data owner. Tenants of private and hybrid clouds who seek to replicate their on-premise mission-critical data to a DR copy in the cloud can be confident that their sensitive data is secure while in motion and at rest. Furthermore, unlike conventional solutions, the keys required to access the data can be stored safely at the tenant’s location and are not available in the cloud, so the data cannot be accessed by other tenants or even the cloud provider.

“With the integrated EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines – CloudLink SecureVSA solution, enterprises can protect and secure data replicated to remote sites, and service providers can deliver secure DRaaS, enabling enterprise to fully reap the economic benefits of the cloud while ensuring their data remains secure and under their total control,” explains Jonathan Reeves, Chairman of CloudLink.

The value of the integrated RecoverPoint-SecureVSA solution to service providers includes:

  • Offering secure DRaaS is a compelling source of revenue and a competitive differentiator
  • Agentless solution which is transparent to underlying storage infrastructure as well as application workloads
  • Encryption can be enabled on a per-VM or per-customer basis rather than for the entire storage array
  • DRaaS in a multi-tenant or multi-branch cloud environment where each tenant has full control of the security of their replicated data
  •  Flexible key management options enable customer controlled keys

The combined CloudLink SecureVSA and EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines solution will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014 through EMC and EMC channel partners. To find out more, please visit


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We are very pleased to announce that CloudLink has been acquired by EMC Corporation.  EMC is the leader in delivering solutions that enable the world to store, manage and leverage data.  The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables customers to deploy IT as a Service quickly and easily.  CloudLink is an award-winning provider of software-based data security solutions for hybrid clouds.  As part of EMC, CloudLink will empower customers to embrace the hybrid cloud while addressing concerns around data security and sovereignty, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Since CloudLink turned its focus to cloud security more than four years ago, we have been heartened to witness the exponential growth of private, public and hybrid cloud and honored to help our customers embrace this new paradigm.  Our induction into the EMC Select partner program two years ago was both a privilege and an excellent opportunity for us to develop solutions that truly address customer needs.  We are eager to contribute to the customer value EMC delivers through its industry-leading innovation, service and support.

Above all, we’d like to extend our thanks to our customers, partners and employees, as well as everyone who has helped us evolve and innovate.  We are very excited to join the EMC family and look forward to continuing our joint commitment to making hybrid cloud a success. If you have any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


The CloudLink Team
PS Read the story behind the acquisition.