Flexible Data Security that Enables Cloud Adoption

CloudLink Platform is ideally suited to addressing your data security needs in virtualized and cloud environments.  CloudLink Platform’s breadth and flexibility provide the control you require to take advantage of cloud services.

Encryption for Cloud Workloads

Cloud storage and infrastructure offered by IaaS and ITaaS providers represent a significant opportunity for you to realize cost savings and benefitclouds_-02A from improved accessibility to your data. Ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure in multi-tenant storage infrastructure opens the door for more advanced use cases such as Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Encryption for Application Stacks

By allowing you to secure your data at various levels of granularity, ranging from encrypted clouds_-03Astorage infrastructure to individual application lockdown, CloudLink secures a broad collection of cloud-based applications and application stacks and is well suited to client applications, server applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, and databases, including Microsoft SQL Server.

Encryption for Hosted Desktops

CloudLink gives you the confidence to embrace hosted VDI and DaaS offerings by guarding user data from other clouds_-01Atenants and cloud administrators, alike. In addition, it ensures the integrity of virtual desktop images and allows you to dictate the circumstances under which hosted desktops should be allowed to run.