Data Security to Meet Your Industry Needs

Emerging business challenges require holistic thinking. CloudLink has created unmatched collaborative environments for its customers, delivering secure, fast and easily managed cloud security solutions.

Healthcare – HIPAA

Healthcare IT is undergoing a major shift with the deployment and modernization of EHR systems while BYOD and mobile devices are now commonplace. As patient care and business is enhanced with the sharing of electronic records, the risk of sensitive data leaks and HIPAA regulatory compliance breaches grows. CloudLink security solutions encrypt sensitive data and applications in private, hybrid and public clouds. Learn more

Law Enforcement – CJIS Security Rule

Law enforcement personnel need timely access to the CJIS criminal justice information to effectively fight crime; however, securing the CJIS database is also critical to ensure that data remains confidential and is only accessed by authorized users. CloudLink data encryption solutions protect cloud and virtualized environments including storage, application servers and hosted virtual desktops (VDI) while ensuring customers maintain full control of the encryption keys. Learn more