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Secure vCloud Air Workloads with Unmatched Ease and Control

Moving to the cloud offers enterprises significant benefits in terms of business agility and IT cost management; however, there are security and deployment challenges. Traditional security controls no longer apply in the cloud, yet sensitive data must be secure to address privacy, regulatory, and data remanence (residual data) requirements. CloudLink offers virtual machine and virtual storage solutions to secure your vCloud workloads for a variety of use cases.
vCloud Air -SecureVMCloudLink SecureVM provides pre-boot authorization, image integrity validation and encrypts boot volume and data volumes with a centralized management approach that allows IT departments to have full control over data security in the cloud. SecureVM unlocks native Windows Bitlocker and Linux OS encryption features with a centralized management approach. This gives you visibility and control over when and where virtual machines are run and accessed, while retaining full control of encryption keys.

CloudLink SecureVSA is a virtual storage appliance that provides a software encryption layer between virtualized applications and physical storage arrays, enabling granular encryption on a per-application, per-tenant basis, with data owners maintaining control of their encryption keys.

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CloudLink’s tight integration with the VMware tools and platforms you know and trust means that you can deploy and manage data security with ease and agility.