Data Security Solution for VMware vCloud Service Providerslink_to

The VMware vCloud Service Provider program is one of the world’s largest enterprise service provider ecosystems. CloudLink provides data security solutions for both enterprises that would like to adopt these vCloud services and service providers that would like to offer encryption to their customers.vmware_powered_clouds

CloudLink Data Security solutions offer two different approaches:

  • Self-Service – when an enterprise adopts the public cloud service from a vCloud service provider, the customer is able to deploy CloudLink SecureVM to encrypt its virtual machines in the cloud or deploy SecureVSA as a vApp within an Organization VDC to provide encrypted NAS storage; for example, CIFS/SMB, NFS, to other VMs that require encrypted network sharing. The enterprise is in full control of the CloudLink deployment and key management. It’s completely self-service by the cloud customers and no extra operation effort is needed from the service provider.


  • Managed Service – in this case, the vCloud service providers provide the CloudLink solution as part of its managed service offering. They offer SecureVSA as part of an infrastructure service offering, known as Encryption as a Service (EaaS), or deploy SecureVSA into their managed service customers’ VMs. The service provider provides flexible key management options for the customers. The service provider can manage the keys for the customers, let the customers manage the key, or manage the keys jointly.

Flexible Deployment with Single Encryption Management

CloudLink supports flexible deployment models when enterprises adopt CloudLink data security solutions with vCloud service provider clouds.

  • Hybrid cloud model with both VMware vSphere and vCloud Director based private cloud and vCloud powered public cloud services offered by these service providers. CloudLink data security solutions can be deployed in a hybrid fashion and managed via a common CloudLink Center on premise, which can be integrated with vCenter, vCAC, and enterprise key management system
  • All in the cloud model where CloudLink data security solutions can be deployed inside a service provider’s cloud or inside multiple service providers’ clouds. The CloudLink Center can also be hosted in the cloud

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