Data Security for Your Private Cloud

Large enterprise and government organizations are on the journey to consolidate datacenters and convert IT from a cost center to a service organization. They are embracing IT as a Service (ITaaS) model built on a multi-tenant virtualized private cloud platform.

CloudLink data security solutions enable these organizations to secure their data in such a private cloud environment to meet regulatory compliance requirements. With CloudLink products, each department or agency’s data is separated from other departments or agencies via cryptographic approach on a multi-tenant infrastructure, and each department, agency or geographic unit is able to control the encryption keys associated with their storage data, files and virtual machines.

Support Private Cloud Based on Industry-leading Hypervisor Platforms and Reference Designs

CloudLink solutions support multi-tenant data encryption on two industry-leading virtualization platforms and several pre-packaged private cloud reference designs.

  • CloudLink Center is packaged as a virtual appliance, which can be deployed onto any VMware vSphere, vCloud Director and Microsoft Hyper-V based private cloud
  • CloudLink SecureVM supports both encryption of boot and data volumes on Windows VMs and Linux VMs
  • CloudLink SecureVSA provides encrypted NAS and/or encrypted datastores for both VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director and Microsoft Hyper-V based private cloud
  • SecureVSA is validated on VCE vBlock based private cloud and certified as vBlock Ready™
  • SecureVSA validated on EMC VSPEX private cloud reference design
  • CloudLink SecureFILE encrypts files on Windows virtual machines or VDIs in private cloud with application lock-down data security policies

Support Multiple Management Platforms

To empower enterprises with control of their data in a hybrid cloud environment, CloudLink Center is integrated with multiple management platforms at enterprise side to ease deployment and management, including:

  • VMware vCenter ™
  • VMware vCenter Automation Center (vCAC)™
  • VMware vCloud Director™
  • Microsoft Systems Center ™