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Solutions for securing virtual desktop infrastructure, application servers and EBS data storage

Amazon Web Services™ is the fastest growing public cloud service available today with its user-friendly management and the ease with which applications may be on-boarded onto a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. While enterprises have leveraged the public cloud for development and test applications, these same enterprises are now looking to use AWS for hosting data storage as well as mission-critical server applications such as Microsoft SharePoint® and virtual desktops farms.

However, industry research confirms that data security concerns continue to be a top barrier in moving workloads to the cloud. While cloud data is subject to the same risks as that are resident in private datacenters like data breach or insider threats, the move to public cloud environments introduces additional risk. Regulatory compliance, cyber surveillance risks, loss of ownership over data, and data remanance concerns, all  intensify the risks of moving workloads to the cloud.

CloudLink SecureVM provides pre-boot authorization, image integrity validation and encrypts boot volume and data volumes with a centralized management approach that allows IT departments to have full control over data security in the cloud. SecureVM unlocks native Windows Bitlocker and Linux OS encryption features with a centralized management approach giving you visibility and control over when and where VMs and data are run and accessed while retaining full control of the encryption keys.

SecureVM for Amazon AWS supports the following key features:

  • Enables Windows BitLocker and Linux native OS encryption for both Windows and Linux VMs
  • Encrypts boot volume and/or data volume
  • Pre-boot authentication for AWS VMs before releasing the keys to decrypt the boot volumes
  • Protects the integrity of AWS VMs against unauthorized modification
  • Integrates with existing enterprise key management and provide full control of key management policy
  • Support hybrids cloud deployments

CloudLink SecureVSA and CloudLink SecureVM data application encryption solutions enable organizations to embrace the cloud while maintaining complete control over data security. Our solutions are designed to enable organizations to protect information in a range of deployments including private, hybrid and public clouds – all managed by  a single solution that continues to grow as your business systems evolve.