Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with operations in the USA, CloudLink (formerly known as AFORE Solutions) focuses on delivering innovative technology to Enterprises and Service Providers that will give them complete control over security of data in virtualized/cloud environments and increased visibility and performance management of their cloud resources and services.

Cloud services can transform enterprise IT departments by reducing costs and complexity. Customers can now only pay for the services they use – when they want to use them. Enterprises want the ability to scale up their services as required. They want to free up their resources to focus on what they do best.

However, security, performance and availability are chief concerns for many CIOs looking to move to a cloud networking model. CloudLink works with enterprises and IT service providers to provide cloud security and management solutions that address these three fundamental concerns of enterprise CIOs.

Our award-winning CloudLink software provides a highly differentiated market offering that is designed to enable a wide adoption of cloud computing services by enterprises interested in moving sensitive and regulated workloads to the cloud.